Someone Is Documenting The Ugly Houses They See Around Adelaide, Australia, And They’re So Bad It’s Hilarious (40 Pics)

First, we had the ‘Ugly Belgian Houses’. Then there was ‘Ugly Irish Houses’. Shortly after, ‘Ugly Dutch Houses’ popped up. But the latest Instagram account to poke fun at local construction decisions comes from the Land Down Under. With a similar name to its distant cousins, ‘Ugly Adelaide Houses’ is also on a mission to … Read more

‘Error: Security Not Found’: Documenting 90 of the Funniest Security Fails

Lock your doors. Close your windows at night. Close the curtains, and don’t leave any keys in obvious places like under the rug. Some safety measures are just common sense. And although most of us, thankfully, have never experienced a break-in or home invasion, you can never predict when it will happen. One moment you’re … Read more