Fans Urge Ryan Coogler to Direct ‘Doctor Doom’ After ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Success’

Like Namor, Doctor Doom is a character that can sometimes balance between villain and antihero, and the character has already appeared in two different versions of the Fantastic Four, although he is definitely the antagonist of those films. According to MarvelDoctor Doom has endured the tragic loss of both of his gypsy parents and soon … Read more

Why The 100th Episode Of The Good Doctor Was Delayed

After an initial week-long delay, The Good Doctor’s 100th episode was scheduled to premiere on November 14, two weeks after season 6, episode 5 aired on Halloween night. However, as told TVLine, ABC decided to change its programming schedule that evening, just hours before the regular Good Doctor timeslot, to air an interview with former … Read more

Freddie Highmore can’t tell fake bodies from real actors on The Good Doctor

Like most medical shows, The Good Doctor uses real extras as well as prosthetics and special effects to dramatize real-life surgeries and treatments. But during an interview with Freddie Highmore on “Good Morning America” the actor made a confession. Despite the upcoming premiere of the show’s 100th episode, Highmore said that of the main cast, … Read more

Wakanda Forever’s Namor proves the MCU’s Doctor Doom can be great

Since they are both major, longtime comic book characters whose core personalities developed during their first appearances, Doom and Namor are arguably one of the most difficult Marvel characters to adapt to live action. The comic book panels allow for far more self-obsessed monologues and haughty, exaggerated poses than the movies, and both of these … Read more

Black Adam’s post-credits deleted scene almost changed everything about Doctor Fate’s future in the DCEU

The only unexpected scene after the credits of Black Adam is very noisy due to the fact that it brings Henry Cavill’s Superman back to the DCEU. However, according to information from Straightthere was originally another intriguing post-credits scene that shed some light on the status of the Helm of Fate… and its possible future … Read more

‘The Good Doctor’ fans are unhappy with the two-week wait for season 6 episode 6

The upcoming sixth episode of the sixth season of The Good Doctor is remarkable for more than a mysterious week-long pause in the release schedule. As stated in the Good Doctor fan account. @SheaSquad_ on Twitter, the episode would be the 100th episode of the series, a milestone that relatively few television series manage to … Read more

Matt Smith was more worried about “Doctor Who” than from “House of the Dragon”

In an interview with Los Angeles TimesMatt Smith explained why he cared more about Doctor Who than House of the Dragon. He said: “The pressure that has come with Doctor Who is unbelievable. [‘House of the Dragon’], you share it with about 10 other actors. Doctor Who is Doctor Who, Hamlet is Hamlet, you understand? … Read more

The 12 Best Episodes of David Tennant’s Doctor Who

While “The Day of the Doctor” finally resolves the long-running tale of the Doctor’s role in ending the dreaded Time War, “The End of Time” is an important part of the journey. It is also the last episode of this era to feature David Tennant, in which he is reborn as the 11th Doctor Matt … Read more

Doctor Who Disney Deal & American Film Market – International Insider –

Good afternoon Insiders, Max Goldbart after another busy week here in our world. Read on to break down our biggest headlines. AFM is forthcoming. The Everett Collection Market in flux: Andreas Wiseman and Zac Ntim here As the American Film Market (November 1-6) returns to Santa Monica next week as an in-person event after being … Read more

Charlize Theron hopes her Doctor Strange cameo won’t be the end of her time in the MCU

Charlize Theron recently appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” where the Oscar-winning actress commented on her future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her response is what you would expect from any actor Marvel has sworn to keep under wraps: brief and vague. When asked if fans can expect to see more of her as Clea after … Read more