SVU Fans Think Stabler’s Absence From 2023 Premiere Doesn’t Make Sense

There is no world where Benson and Stabler don’t end up together, and it may be a while before we see it, but it’s happening. It is hard to imagine that Stabler did not hear about the attack on his beloved, did not drop everything and did not come running. But it happened. “They better stop telling Liv she’s got a visitor, unless it’s Elliott’s mother, damn Stabler,” @Jen_naaay tweeted angrily. “I feel like this episode should be a crossover with #OrganizedCrime because Stabler isn’t about Liv” @felicia7997 shrewdly noted.


We got the Law & Order crossover, but instead of Stabler, Lieutenant Kate Dixon (Camryn Manheim) showed up to help Benson with the deaf victim. We’ll take any crossover we can, but that hasn’t stopped fans from talking about the absence of the Stabler. “If Stabler had heard that Liv had been attacked, he would have been at her house in literally 5 seconds,” a Reddit user noted. u/DaulyP wrote on the subreddit “SVU”. “The absence of Stabler makes no sense, the dude would declare war if he heard that the gang attacked Liv” – the same redditor added.

“How pointless for Stabler not to run into her hospital room!!! How did Dixon know about her attack, but Stabler didn’t?” u/beakers_and_baking asked. This is a serious matter, given that the news of this had spread throughout the NYPD, so it was impossible for Stabler not to hear about Benson’s attack.

We hope that in the near future we will see Bensler talk about the attack with love and care in the eyes of Stabler.



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