SVU Fans Are Really Worried About Rollins’ Prolonged Departure

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Kelly Giddish’s final appearance in Law & Order: SVU will be in episode 9 of the current season. We’re not halfway there yet, but the way it starts isn’t what many fans want to see. In Episode 3, we see that Rollins has PTSD due to the gunshot she received in Episode 1. She attends therapy from time to time, but she is damaged and Rollins fans want to see her happy for once. “Honestly, I would rather have Rollins killed in the line of duty than this slow, drawn-out process of her being in every episode, looking like d*ath, heated up and slowly falling apart. It’s seriously unfair to her character,” @DJoftheOri Twitter after Episode 3.


“Why do they treat her so dirty? They could text while pregnant and make her leave because of it… I hate it for Rollins.” @golightlyholly2 added. Like Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) on Chicago P.D., Amanda’s character has changed a lot before she left, and fans want to see the Rollins they love before she leaves. “They literally make Rollins very dirty on #lawandordersvu #svu, I hate that” @sunkall tweeted. Looks like SVU viewers are frustrated with how dragging on Rollins’ latest story is when they just want a happy ending for her and Carisi (Peter Scanavino).

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