Survivor Type is the most disturbing Stephen King story ever filmed

Survivor Type is a horror story about a surgeon, Dr. Richard Pine, who steals medicinal heroin from a hospital and takes a cruise ship to sell it in a series of side scams. Unfortunately, the ship sinks, leaving him the only survivor and forcing an injured Dr. Pine to fend for himself with a broken leg on a deserted island.


Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, Richard manages to save his heroin from the capsizing ship. However, as he grows more hungry, Dr. Pine begins to operate on himself and use heroin to cope with the pain and horror of his circumstances. Richard details his torturous journey in the pages of his diary, letting the reader know that the surgeon is slowly losing his mind.

As the horror story continues and Dr. Pine’s condition worsens, he ends up amputating both of his legs, as well as other parts of his body, and eating them. Unsurprisingly, his diary ramblings become even more deranged. Although the surgeon still believes – selfishly – that he will survive because he is a “survivor”, the diary ends abruptly when an insane Richard finally amputates one of his arms.


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