Substitute: Peter FitzSimons defends Prince Harry from royal revelations

Peter FitzSimons has defended Prince Harry on social media amid backlash against the royal for revealing family secrets in his memoir.

FitzSimons, an author, former international rugby player and prominent Republican, took aim at a Twitter user who called the Duke of Sussex a “bitch” and a “weak man” who is “controlled by a manipulative woman”, implying that Harry’s wife Meghan Markle was the sole reason on which he “slaughtered his own family.”


“It’s too simplistic in my opinion,” said the former chairman of the Australian Republican Movement. tweeted.

“His general point of view is: “They have been leaking information about me and my wife for years. I’m not leaking, I’m emphasizing my views, and that’s what happened.”

“And he seems trustworthy to me.”


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During the press tour of his candid memoirs SpareHarry has made a number of allegations against his relatives, including that his stepmother, Queen Consort Camilla, planted stories to make herself look better in the press after marrying his father King Charles in 2005 following a highly publicized affair. .

The prince also claimed that negative stories about him and his wife were planted by public relations teams working for older family members.


FitzSimons came to Harry’s defense to tell his side of the story.

“As for the opinion that he should not reveal family secrets, his equal argument is that all the other members of the royal family have been leaking information to the press for years,” the commenter wrote.

“They talked about the cost of several books courtesy of the tabloid press. So this time he can tell his own story.”

Asked by another Twitter user why a “smart person” is wasting time thinking about the royal family, FitzSimons explained the Republican implications of the row between the duke and his family.


“One of the reasons is that all this confusion is talking to the Republic,” FitzSimons said.

“The notion that this is a special family created by God to be so much better than the rest of us, that they should rule over us, is a little outdated, right?”


Last year, FitzSimons resigned as head of the Republican movement in Australia, weeks after the death of Queen Elizabeth.

FitzSimons’ defense comes after Harry was criticized for exposing his family’s dirty laundry in his TV interviews.

Australia’s Sky News anchor Piers Morgan criticized the Duke for being “delusional, paranoid, half-witted and exploiting the royal family’s most private secrets” during his ITV appearance.

“I have never seen a more unhappy “happy person” in my life,” the TV presenter frankly stated. tweeted.

“Prince Harry is a bitter, delusional, paranoid, family-ruining lunatic who exposes and exploits the royal family’s most private secrets to millions of people while boasting with mind-boggling hypocrisy about media intrusion. He’s pathetic.”

GB News anchor Dan Wootton also gave his take on Harry’s story.

The British TV presenter noted that the prince has known journalist Tom Bradby for 20 years, hinting that the interview would be boring because of this association.

“Tom Bradby and Prince Harry: Two buddies laugh together,” he said. tweeted.

“The disgraced former royal has chosen his best friend for this ‘interview’ because he doesn’t want to be seriously scrutinized for his lies designed to destroy the royal family.”

A commentator criticized ITV for airing the show, saying it was “terrible” they allowed it to air.

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