STX Shopping ‘FBoy Island’ HBO Max Canceled –

A reality series producer F Boy Island HBO Max is hoping to produce a new batch of Bad Guys and Good Guys after the cancellation. understands that STXalternative, the company behind the series, which was thought to be one of the streamer’s biggest unscripted hits, is in talks with other networks and platforms about the show. Is.


The cancellation of the show is not a big surprise. revealed that HBO Max was exiting unscripted originals over the summer as part of a major cost-cutting move that led to the departure of its reality team led by Jane O’Connell.

At the time, the streamer noted that while it wasn’t ordering any new unscripted originals, it would consider renewing existing shows. however, F Boy Island Comparing its price tag to the types of shows used to make Discovery at a company run by David Zaslav, I would never fly.

When it launched in July 2021, HBO Max said it had the biggest premiere of any Max original reality series since the streamer’s launch and was one of the most buzzed-about commissions for the company. , which does not output streaming data.


It was renewed for a second season, which premiered in July 2022.


The show, hosted by Nikki Glaser, is set in the Cayman Islands and follows three women joined by 24 men – 12 self-proclaimed “nice guys” looking for love and 12 self-proclaimed ” FBoys” will compete for Cold, hard cash.

Women visit dating sites hoping to find a lasting love relationship. By the finale, everything is revealed – who’s the nice guy, who’s the f-boy and who the ladies choose in the end. Fboy Island is a social experiment that asks the age-old question: Can FBoys really reform, or can Nice Guys always end up last?


It was produced by Alan Gale, Sam Dean, Jason Goldberg, Ben Butonti and Glazer. Variety was first with the news of the cancellation.

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