‘Stranger Things’ Fans Are Unanimous on Why Jonathan Was MVP Season 4

There were hints of Will’s strangeness in Stranger Things as early as Season 1, but this aspect of Will’s character was never more evident than in the infamous scene in the first part of Volume 2, titled “Chapter Eight: The Pope.” in which he confesses his feelings for Mike under the guise of explaining eleven. There isn’t a single fan of the show who isn’t moved by its unexpectedly poignant depiction of unrequited homos*xual love, and many such fans were quick to notice one important detail about the scene: As Will looks out the car window and does his best to choke out a sob, Jonathan watches him. through the rearview mirror, quietly realizing what’s going on. An episode later, Jonathan has a heart-to-heart with Will, in which he makes it clear—without saying it directly, as they are still in the Reagan 80s—that he knows Will is gay and that it will never take away from him. how much he loves and supports his little brother.


This show of fraternal support reached fans on a deep level, according to the r/StrangerThings subreddit. In Massively Popular July 1, 2022 mail by u/dazaied titled “Can I trade Mike for Will’s happiness please?” you/superreality: “His monologue in the car hurt. And then I saw Jonathan look back and know exactly what he meant … “

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