“Strangely creepy”: 115 times people saw weird things and just had to share them (new pics)

Even though we’re past Halloween and should be focusing on the joys of Christmas, it’s still hard to avoid getting a little chill down our spine. And no, not because of the cold winter nights creeping up on us, we mean the real scary stuff.

The internet is notorious for its random and disturbing content, so we can’t help but spread the funniest bits we find! So let’s jump into the subreddit. r/weirdly awesome, a site that is, as you might have guessed, dedicated to sharing the weirdest horror photos. It has 2.5M members, which isn’t surprising considering the pictures there are weirdly attractive.


Scroll down through the latest stack of adorable scenes and don’t forget to check out our previous posts here , here and here .

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