(SPOILER) Actually supposed to be the main character in James Cameron’s Avatar series

The spider has a unique place in the main themes of the Avatar saga. Originally introduced in Avatar: The Summit, the character was originally described as knowing his mother but never knowing his father. For the character’s cinematic debut in Avatar: The Way of the Water, this idea was reversed and the character’s father was revealed to be Colonel Miles Quaritch. Having this connection not only with the person, but also with the one who nearly destroyed his precious forest home and the Na’vi family, obviously causes a lot of conflict.


It doesn’t help that for most of the three-hour venture, Spider is forced to follow a Na’vi avatar version of his pop in order to better find Jake Sully and his family. However, it is at this time that we see Spider’s morality being played with as he gets to know his father and helps him. In the end, he even saves Quaaritich from drowning, but returns to the Na’vi soon after. With Quaritich should return in Avatar 3. there seems to be more to explore between these distant cousins.

With the first Avatar, we saw how a person realized that deep down he was a Na’vi. The spider acts as an opposing point of view, as the human learns deep down that they are not a Na’vi. The internal conflict within the character is compelling enough, but what it could mean for the grand story to come is even greater.


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