Spice Girl’s Mel B opens up about years of hell with an abusive ex

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Spice Girl Mel B opened up about how she felt ‘powerless’ for years living with an abusive ex when she demanded action on domestic violence at a conference in the UK.

At an event organized Sun and abuse survivor charity Women’s Aid, the 47-year-old pop star asked, “How many more have to die?”


Mel B held back tears as she shared her story and urged government ministers to better fund abuse victim support services.

“I’m not here because I’m Mel B, the Scary Spice of the Spice Girls. I’m here because I’m Melanie Brown, she said.

“As a Spice Girl, I am the epitome of female power, and for 10 years I was completely powerless over this man.”

The pop icon has criticized the “old boys club” judges who suggest women can only suffer domestic violence if they have “one tooth and live on a council estate”.


And she warned that she believed she would die if forced to stay with her abusive ex during lockdown.

The audience repeatedly burst into applause as she told her story.

“I got to the point where I really wanted to die by committing suic*de,” she said. “Fortunately, this did not happen. But from the relationship I was in, there was no way out. I couldn’t pick up the phone to call my mom or friends.”

America’s Got Talent as well as X – Factor the star opened up about how she suffered in silence at home despite her illustrious show business career on stage.


“I’m here to say that abuse happens to everyone, regardless of race, gender, s*xual orientation, whether you’re skinny or curvy,” she said.

“I’m a pretty successful, self-made woman who almost killed herself, and that’s because I fell into a trap.”

Mel spoke several times about trying to leave her ex, whom she never called by name.

She claimed that he constantly manipulated her back into his grasp, emotionally locking her in their Los Angeles home.

The singer said he took her money and passport and even dictated to her what to wear, allegations that were also made in her bitter divorce battle with ex Stephen Belafonte in 2018. Belafonte denies abuse of Mel B.


“I was completely isolated from my friends and family. And it didn’t happen overnight. It happened bit by bit. They’re getting rid of you, she said.

She was finally able to pull herself out of the relationship after the d*ath of her father, Martin Brown.

When he took his last breath, she told him, “Don’t worry dad, I’ll leave him.”

The drop of a pin could be heard as the Conservative Party politicians at the conference embraced the star’s powerful story.

The singer was part of a group that included UK Home Secretary Mims Davis, UK Womens Aid CEO Farah Nazir, UK Domestic Violence Police Chief Maggie Blyth and SunKeith Ferguson.


Mel B called on Ms. Davis to fund help for vulnerable women.

She urged the minister to reform the courts so that survivors are not forced to sit next to their abusers. And she criticized the judges for choosing abused people based on looks or wealth.

The singer told Ms Davis over and over again: “We are survivors, not victims.”

Mel B’s experience led her to become a patron of Women’s Aid, traveling the country and fighting for survivors.

She said, “Perhaps I am the last person you expect to meet at the Conservative Party Conference. I myself can’t believe I’m here. But I’m here because I’ve decided to speak up about domestic violence. And I was talking at a time when no one else was talking about it.”

In 2018, the singer published a candid memoir.

She won applause around the world for her honesty, turning a taboo subject into an important conversation.

“I’m holding a flag for other survivors who don’t have a voice or who are too worried to speak,” she said.

Women’s Aid reported: “As Scary Spice Mel asked at our Conservative Party conference event in Birmingham, how many more women have to die? Built for 20 years Sun Our campaign against domestic violence encourages everyone to step up and do everything in their power to help.”

This article originally appeared on Sun and reproduced with permission

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