Snoop Dogg misspelled the names of the Golden Globe nominees

“Bean af-fleck. Ben Affleck, my mistake. Sorry that Ben.”

who had snoop dogg announce Golden Globe The nominations this morning deserve an award of their own.


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The 50-year-old read names in a way that could only be described as “high performance art” (yes, pun intended), like misspelling names Ben Affleck And Denis Villeneuve,

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Dune the director’s name became Denis VillanuevaBut the pronunciation of Ben’s name as “bean f-fleck” really took the cake.

Kenneth Branagh and Bean Affleck’s dramatic reading of [email protected] should get a Golden Globe nomination. Think of it as my write-in ballot.

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“Bean af-fleck. Ben Affleck, my fault. Sorry, Ben,” said the rapper with a mild laugh.

multi-hyphenate also struggled to pronounce Belfast Ciaran Hinds, the star, used to call him “Karan Hinds” and later settled down to “Karen Hinds”.

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the name of the actor is actually Pronunciation as raw.

The hilarious mispronunciation became Twitter fodder for equally hilarious reactions and memes.


The Golden Globes brought in Snoop Dogg to announce this morning’s nominations for… I Can’t. Camp!

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Sorry, the Golden Globes are barely present this year, but reading the Snoop Dogg nominations is pure comedy. Denis Villanueva is my new favorite director.

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According to DiversityMILF Awards Show – Who’s Fired In Conflict following a lack of diversity In the nominations last year – it was expected to find a movie or TV star to announce the nominations, but landed on Snoop, who is believed to be a “friend” of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

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Despite a host of nominations, the actor and entrepreneur has previously called for the lack of inclusion of award ceremonies such as the Emmys. “So you wonder why I say all these crap ass awards shows they ain’t for us Emmy’s in Nuts in Mouth,” he wrote instagram in September.

Regardless, it looks like both Snoop and the Golden Globes were happy to collaborate. I know I am!

Thanks to @SnoopDogg for helping us announce the 79th annual #GoldenGlobes nominations!

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