SNL’s Kenan Thompson smirks as a strategy not to break character

Kenan Thompson’s experience on SNL definitely gives him an edge over other actors when the parody starts to get out of hand, but he often seems to enjoy it. “It makes me laugh,” Thompson said. Entertainment Weekly about other actors stepping out of the role. As much as he enjoys the chaos that occasionally occurs in the “SNL” parody, he does have a way of staying focused and not causing a possible disaster. “My main strategy for not breaking down is to let the smirk happen,” he explained. “Just allow a little confession: ‘This is funny’ and then, basically, break through.”


A slight smirk and the hope that the parody doesn’t get much funnier is Thompson’s only line of defense when he tries not to lose it in front of a live audience. It obviously worked for him in his career as you can see him smirk in many skits.

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