‘SNL’ Alum Chris Redd Says Attack Outside NYC Comedy Club Was ‘A Planned Situation’ –

Chris Reid is opening up about his brutal att*ck outside a comedy club in New York City in October and ex Saturday Night Live Satara feels it was planned.

The comedian made an appearance on SiriusXM’s. The Bennington Show Where she shared she saw surveillance footage of her att*cker hanging around the area before the att*ck.


“People called it a random att*ck. I don’t believe it. He waited for me for an hour before he got there,” she said. “He was on the phone, he had a friend looking for him. And everything was. I’m just saying, I’ve never done anything random where it took me an hour to do.

Reed continued, “I’ve never done anything randomly that escalated. It’s not random. So, I would say, it was a planned situation. That’s what I do in my heart and soul. That’s what I saw in the footage.

The actor also said that he would “probably release” the footage at some point in the future. Adding humor to the situation, Reed said the att*ck “worked wonders” for him because it alerted people that he had a comedy special for HBO Max.


“No promotion was better than a knock in the face,” he said. “People didn’t even know I had anything special and they were like, ‘Oh, I hope he’s OK! What’s special?'”


Reed also mentioned that he was “ghosted by the police chief” when he tried to follow up on the investigation to find the perpetrator of the att*ck.

Check out Reid’s full interview in the video posted below.


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