Skinamarink director filmed viral horror film in the hallways of his own childhood home

In conversation with Back, Skinamarinka director Kyle Edward Ball spoke about how his horror film managed to capture the minds of viewers around the world. The super-low-budget, liminal space movie Skinamarink has become an absolute craze for various netizens who continue to debate the film’s terrifying setting. Skinamarinka is set in a completely insulated home with no external lighting, and reflects the anxiety many feel about their own living space. Audiences continue to question the horrifying nature and presence of the setting as the film continues to unfold. However, for Ball, the terrifying house in the film is not just a set serving an artistic purpose… it’s his childhood home.


“On the last day of filming, I had this weird moment: ‘This is the room where I first decided to become a director when I was seven years old, not much older than Kevin in the movie. about it and dreamed about it, and now it’s happening, and I’m here, ”said the director. “It was so weird. This is my childhood home. [and] parts of it look so much like when I was little.” The director continued by expressing a surreal feeling as he watched his childhood home on the big screen knowing it was now a cinematic product. Ball went on to mention how his house is now called “Skinamarink House”, saying that the house looks nothing like it does in the movie during the day. “It looks and feels literally completely different from the movie,” Ball added.

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