Shonika Shandai on her debut music video and acting dreams

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Shonika Shandai Black is on a mission to make music its vehicle for showcasing the diversity of women, and I, for one, am fastening my seat belt. harlem Starr has works in the works for her first R&B single, “Something About You”, in which she meets Toni Braxton’s Aaliyah soundtrack.

In doing the music video — the first of many to come — Shonika told POPSUGAR that she hopes to tell the story of a “new curvy leading lady, a new romantic lead”, [and] A new Cinderella. “I think it’s very important to see black skin on screen together in love,” she continued. And who can direct this project better than him? harlem co-star Megan Good, “There’s no better way I could have done it until Beyoncé Was involved,” Shonika joked. I mean, hello. black is king Culture wins. But, Megan is also bringing the black excellence to life in Shonika’s videos in a way we don’t often see.


“We have the space and creativity to do everything that includes fashion and yet we are marginalized just for animal print.”

She added, “I want Hollywood to eventually embrace curvy bodies in the fashion conversation. I’d really love to get people from videos.” Curvy bodies are only associated with poverty or loss or pain. We have the space and creativity to do everything that includes fashion and yet we’re marginalized just for animal print.” Before releasing a music video, we highly recommend Checking out Shonika’s Personal Style On Instagram!

The “Something About You” music video is only the first step in his vision of celebrating black curvy women through media. Shonika explained, “It starts with videos and other videos coming in; like doing my part to add some representation and then adding some color to the Hollywood dream, because we’re not even represented in that.” Go Through Hollywood’s Roster of Black Curvy Women in Leading Roles, and Not Many People Connect to Trauma Like Viola Davis Servant And how to avoid murder or jennifer hudson respect and in dream Girls, queen latifah is the only person that comes to mind who is able to consistently land reckless stories without being central to his character’s personality. Seeing Shonika as the bubbly, sexually charged Angie harlem The context of the history of popular culture was refreshing, yet familiar to the everyday black man. The actor explains that she “wants to be a face for non-representation” and I would say the mission accomplished.

,[I’m] Just doing my part to add some representation and then add some color to the Hollywood dream, because we’re not even represented in that.”

Shonika Black is here to take the storyline out of the critics’ comfort zone. Even if she can’t tell stories in movies or television roles right now, she promised to “put it out there and make it up somehow” via music videos. Next year, the actor is planning to release 11 to 12 songs which will be accompanied by sequences. What should you expect? There’s a chance we’ll see black people in space, in period pieces, in fiction, and more in areas where they aren’t normally cast.
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image Source: johnny marlowe
harlem Starr’s upcoming scene is dedicated to work culture, but it’s also a way for her to show major networks and production companies what she’s capable of. ,[Music] A vehicle to facilitate writing and production,” Shonika told us.

Combining music and big screen entertainment is a passion for the actor. “I’m in love with her What’s Love Got To Do With It, And it was like, “I want to do that. I want to do songs on movies.” In parallel, we get a glimpse of it as Shonika’s character harlem fond of singing (with a.) Song Featuring Pharrell Williams) while still achieving his dreams as an actor in theatre. He said of his role, “It was a dream while producing a musical at the same time in the middle of producing my first TV show.”


When it comes to the future, we asked Shonika who she dreams of in the world of music and TV music. Spike Lee, Baz Luhrmann and Kanye West, I want to introduce you to Shonika. You can get it from here!


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