Sheldon’s teen star Ian Armitage gave Jim Parsons an ant farm

In an interview with James Corden on his “Late Late Show” Jim Parsons spoke about Ian Armitage’s personality, noting his great positivity as well as one of his strengths: “He’s a great gift-giver… I own an ant farm.” Although Parsons failed to save the gifted ant colony, he appreciated the gesture from his character’s younger counterpart. An ant farm is a gift that Sheldon Cooper will love, right?


It’s amazing to see two actors come together to put so much heart and soul into one character. In fact, the couple seem like two peas in a pod – and they certainly should be to emulate a character as influential as Sheldon Cooper, no matter his age – while fans love the early years of The Big Bang Theory. they seem to appreciate Sheldon Cooper’s origin story and his star as much as Parsons does.

Unfortunately, the two Sheldon actors don’t get to spend as much time together as they did in years past, and Jim Parsons is busy with his post-Big Bang career. However, fans can check out this cute October 2022 snapshot on Armitage’s channel. Twitter and rest assured that the two Sheldon’s are still as close as ever.


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