“She told me I could pretty much choose between her or Bubba”: Man asks if he’s wrong to bring his cat back home after wife gives birth?

There are situations in life where there is no clear answer. One of the things you can do when you feel completely lost is to turn to the Internet for help, hoping that someone will give you a whole new perspective or advice. All of a sudden everything will make sense. Many Redditors turn to the AITA online community for advice on difficult and emotional situations.

Recently, redditor u/Clerxudehuntemu Requested subreddit feedback. About whether he was wrong to want to bring his 12-year-old cat, Bubba, back to live with him. His wife, who was born late, was against bringing Baba back, and they had a fight. You’ll find the Redditor’s full story, and how the internet reacted to it, below.


This topic is very sensitive and some of you pandas may find it difficult to read about. u/Clerxudehuntemu has been contacted via Reddit for comment.

Letting go of a beloved pet is a difficult decision.

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A man told how he and his wife argued about bringing their cat, Bubba, back home after a family tragedy.



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Our pets are our best friends through thick and thin. It is inconceivable that we will ever have to give them up voluntarily. The only reason may be for the sake of someone we love with our hearts, as in the case of u/Clerxudehuntemu. He gave Bubba the cat to his parents after his wife asked him to do so after she became pregnant.

“Daddy is very loving to me – very sweet and affectionate. He tolerates my wife, but does not love her. To strangers, he is not good. He has never bitten or He’s scratchy, but he squeals and screams a lot at people he doesn’t know. My wife was afraid he’d scare the baby, he wouldn’t welcome the newborn, or he’d hurt her. I gently debated, but eventually gave in,” explained the author of the post.

“Tragically, my wife and I lost our baby a few weeks before his due date. We still don’t have a lot of answers, and it’s painful to go in. We mourned. We were inconsolable for weeks. I still can’t think about it without feeling complete agony and loss. After a month, we were back to some level of normal — as normal as things could be. We have started looking for adoption.”

The adoption process takes a long time. So, the redditor wanted to bring his pet back home during this period. “I missed him. He has been my best friend for years, he has been my faithful companion throughout my adult life. However, his wife was firmly against him and they had an explosive argument. OP asked the AITA community for their advice. He wasn’t sure if he was wrong to rehome his cat, though he would obviously choose his wife if he ever had to have them both. Forced to choose between

The AITA subreddit was very supportive of the OP, and tried to be as sensitive as possible about the married couple’s situation. Some Redditors suggested that his wife is likely still grieving, and still needs time to process what happened.

Everyone grieves differently. And we can’t expect everyone to grieve at the same pace. This is what psychotherapist Silva Neves told Bor Panda during his first interview.

“Some grieve by crying too much and others grieve by being practical, and anything in between. Not seeing tears doesn’t mean people aren’t grieving. This process continues as long as it takes. There is no limit to the need to continue. In general, grief diminishes over time, which means that people become less troubled over time, but some people never experience grief. There are no ‘recoveries,’ especially those who have lost someone very important. Most people learn to live with grief and sadness. Important dates, like birthdays, can always be painful,” she said. said

“Although there is some general information about grief, such as the ‘stages of grief,’ many people do not follow the ‘stages’ of grief because grief can be messy and unpredictable. The best way to help someone who is grieving is to Sit with them, listen to them and that’s it,” notes the psychologist.

“It’s also important not to tell people ‘I know how you feel’ because grief is so unique, no one can know what another person’s grief feels like, but we can probably imagine. is how painful it is. A lot of people get a lot of support with grief at the beginning of the loss, but a lot of people stop talking about it after a while,” the expert previously told BoardPanda.

“Grieving people usually appreciate their friends asking about it, even after a year or two. Don’t be afraid to ask, ‘How are you?’ And allow the grieving person to speak. Ask them what they need but don’t assume what they need. Sometimes the grieving person may need a hug, but other times they may need to sit quietly. . Sometimes they may need to be distracted by something else, other times they may want to talk about their pain.”

The cat’s owner shared a few more details in the comments of his post.

Here’s what some netizens had to say about what happened.

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