Shania Twain, 57, Opens up About Posing Nude for Her New Album

Music legend Shania Twain has opened up about how she felt posing nude for her new album.

His new album, my queenis set to come out next year.

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But the album artwork has already caused quite a stir!


The pictures show the singer lying in the mud…

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While they are also naked!

Read on to know the full story…

The fifty-seven-year-old has found himself in a lot of headlines lately.

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His Netflix documentary Not just a girl. revealed more personal details than ever before.

But first, let’s take it back to the star’s origins…

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Trust us when we say it’s been quite a wild ride!


Born in Ontario, Canada in 1965, the star had a tumultuous childhood.

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He started singing in bars at the age of 8 to help the family earn more money.

During his high school years, Twain continued to develop music.

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But that came to a halt when his mother and stepfather died in a car accident in 1987.


It was years after that when Twain really started to make his way in the industry.

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His debut self-titled album was released in 1993, and his second record The woman in me Followed up 2 years later.

But by far Twain’s greatest success was his third album.

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The record was full of hits, and made Twain one of the first country singers to achieve international success.

The album’s hits include ‘Man! I feel like a woman’, ‘from this moment on’ and ‘they don’t affect me much’.

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It’s tune after tune!

After this album, Twain continued his streak of success.

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His fourth album Top! It has seen the same popularity all over the world.

So much so that Twain even performed at the Super Bowl!

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She was the act for the XXXVII halftime show.


By 2004, Twain had a number of successful films. The biggest observations Album!

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However, the star took a break from music after…

This break coincided with a difficult time in Twain’s personal life.

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Her son Eja was born in 2001, and she wanted to focus on raising him.

However, she also suffered heartbreak after her divorce from Robert John “Mutt” Lange.

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Star’s ex-husband Allegedly He had an affair with his former best friend Mary Ann Thibaud.

However, that didn’t stop Twain from becoming an icon for the ages.

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Many stars have spoken about how Twain has influenced them…

That is, Taylor Swift.

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The ‘Blank Space’ singer has spoken about how Twain was the biggest influence on pop crossover in his own country.


Carrie Underwood also cites Twain as a great influence on her.

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“I think we were all definitely influenced by Shania, even if we didn’t realize it.” said The ‘Church Bells’ singer, calls it “very different and kind of revolutionary at the time”.

Even pop superstar Harry Styles owes it all to Twain…

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In “both music and fashion,” Styles calls the twain his “main influence,” he said. ET.

The star returned to the charts in 2011, and even had a Vegas residency!

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And, finally, he released his fifth studio album in 2017, titled now.

That brings us to now, with Twain’s next album due out next year.

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And the star opened up about her experience posing for some risky shots at the age of fifty-seven.

“I was a very insecure woman, girl … I was one of those young people who would never wear a bikini on the beach, for example,” she said. Talkshop Live.

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“So I’m saying, OK, the heck with it. I didn’t do it when I was younger, so I’m going to do it now. I’m going to feel and show that I’m comfortable in my own skin. I feel bad.

“Trust me, it took courage because I’m not an exhibitionist. It was all about my own message.

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Twain added, “Just saying, you know, it’s just time for me to feel comfortable in my own skin and share that with other people and just share those insecurities, shed that skin of insecurities.” Do,” Twain added.

The star explained that she is “taking responsibility for what I put out, what I put out”, as she is “less apologetic about who I am, how I look, [and] are less affected by other people’s criticism.”

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What do you think of Twain’s comments?

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