Shanghai Disneyland To Reopen On Friday –

After several closures and reopenings in the pandemic, Shanghai Disneyland is set to reopen on Friday, November 25. Shanghai Disney Resort said it would continue to operate with limited capacity daily and implement “enhanced health and safety measures”.

The park was recently closed abruptly in late October to comply with China’s controversial zero-covid policy, keeping all visitors inside for hours unless they can show a negative test for the virus.


Today, the resort said the park will open at 8:30 a.m. local time on Friday and the Toy Story Hotel will also resume operations. Other parts of the resort came back online last week, including Disney Town, Wishing Star Park and the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel.

Attractions, live entertainment, restaurants and retail locations may not be immediately available or will operate at reduced capacity.

Visitors are still required to “strictly follow epidemic control measures”. This includes proof of negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours, temperature check, green Shanghai Health QR code, mask and social distancing.

The news comes as China has eased some of its containment policies, including reducing quarantine times, but continues to try to contain the outbreak. According to South China Morning Post, Infection Nationwide cases hit a new high of 31,444 today, surpassing the April peak of more than 29,000 as Shanghai was under a strict lockdown.


Shanghai Disney Resort initially closed operations in January 2020 due to Covid and reopened in May of the same year. Then, in November 2021, 34,000 visitors were locked inside after a woman who had been in the park the day before either later tested positive or came into contact with someone who had it. The facility reopened two days later after everyone tested negative.

The next shutdown was in March this year and lasted until the end of June when Shanghai lifted its strict lockdown.

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