Shanghai Disneyland Reopens As China Eases Covid Restrictions –

And, they’re back. After a series of Covid-related stops and starts, Shanghai Disneyland reopened today, completing the latest comeback of the Shanghai Disney Resort.

The reopening comes as parts of China began to ease Covid restrictions in recent days. Then on Wednesday, officials released a 10-point plan that marked an abrupt departure from the zero-covid policy. National directives included ending mass testing and the ability to quarantine at home. Officials were also directed to stop imposing temporary lockdowns. The overall changes come after a spate of protests over the Chinese government’s strict Covid policies.


Shanghai Disney has had multiple closings and reopenings throughout the pandemic. In recent months, Shanghai Disneyland was abruptly closed in late October, then returned to operations on November 25 and closed again on November 29 to comply with the “necessity of epidemic prevention and control”. can be done

The timing of the park’s latest makeover dovetails nicely with the theatrical release of the “Avatar: Explore Pandora” attraction. Avatar: The Path of Water Which starts on December 16th in China with North America on the same day and date. Currently, about half of the country’s cinemas are closed, but the number of people coming back online is increasing.

In a statement posted on its website, Shanghai Disney Resort said Disneyland would be open from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time and that its control measures were “in accordance with the latest local government guidelines.” will be updated accordingly and guests should check and follow them strictly.”


However, select attractions, live entertainment, restaurants and retail locations may be unavailable or operating at reduced capacity.


Temperature screening remains in effect, while masks are mandatory in confined areas and crowded outdoor areas. Social distancing is also still important.

Guests entering various locations within the Shanghai Disney Resort are required to present the Green Code to scan and cast the “Venue Code”. For restaurants and other places that require special epidemic prevention measures in the resort (including Shanghai Disneyland, Disney Town and hotels), they must show their negative nucleic acid test taken within 48 hours.


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