Severe storms pose major threat to CSI: Miami filming schedule

In a February 2007 interview with reporter Julie Chen, David Caruso and Adam Rodriguez revealed that the show was being filmed in Miami and Los Angeles. Rodriguez jokingly told Chen to keep the double locations a secret, but Caruso revealed that most of the show was filmed in Miami, but weather conditions in the city could slow down filming there.


“We couldn’t shoot last year because of the weather, because of the storms, but we usually shoot quite a lot here and our labs and everything is built in LA so we’re there too, but South Florida is the place to be.” , said Caruso (for CBS).

Los Angeles is a convenient location for numerous productions, but this may come as a surprise to fans accustomed to the tropical atmosphere of Miami. The series did have stories outside of sunny Miami. In fact, during the eighth season of an episode of CSI: Miami, directed by Rob Zombie, the main characters traveled to Los Angeles to solve a gruesome murder.


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