Seth Green’s Late 90s Comedy Horror That’s Still Worth Watching

Released in 1999, two years after Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Idle Hands combines elements of horror, comedy and marijuana in an entertaining romp featuring druid hunters, possessed hands, murder and partying. Predominantly following the clueless slacker Anton (Devon Sawa), Idle Hands opens with the murder of Anton’s parents, which Anton doesn’t even notice in his idleness until much later in the film. In typical stoner fashion, Anton realizes he’s out of marijuana, which directs him to meet his two friends Pnub (Elden Henson) and Mick (Seth Green).


Unfortunately, it is revealed that Anton is actually partly responsible for his parents’ deaths due to his one hand, now possessed by a deadly spirit that has been haunting the world for some time now. As soon as this fact gets to Anton, several events take place, resulting in Idle Hands becoming more and more deadly and ridiculous, which is emphasized in the trailer. YouTube. What’s not interesting about zombie friends, killer hands and The Offspring?

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