Sean Bean from “Game of Thrones” did not give colleagues any advice about d*ath

Ned is the first Stark to walk the path of the sword, but certainly not the last. Shortly after the patriarch of Winterfell was falsely accused of treason and executed on the orders of one of Game of Thrones’ most evil characters, many of his family members followed suit. Let’s hope Robb (Richard Madden) and Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley) reunite with Ned in the light of The Seven after their infamous d*ath at the Red Wedding, but Sean Bean let them get there on their own. In conversation with VultureBean stressed that he didn’t overstep his bounds by telling co-stars on the set how to die.


“I think everyone likes to do it their own way, you know?” Bean explained. He further concluded, “Death is a very personal matter. You must learn to imitate this for yourself. This is a rather strange thing. It’s just what you have to do. I don’t particularly like it.” The seasoned actor has undoubtedly died more times than anyone is entitled to, but his d*ath on Game of Thrones was very different from that of the rest of the Starks. In a public ex*cution, Ned’s d*ath marked the beginning of a seemingly never-ending war between the Starks and Lannisters. Destroying Robb’s powers is a betrayal that violates the law of hospitality, a law that plays out quickly and freely in Game of Thrones-related properties.

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