SBS Advances: ‘Safe Home’ and ‘Erotic Stories’ Lead in 2023 Program

Remember when SBS colloquially (and quite cheekily) stood for “football before s*x”?

If not, in past decades the network has been known in the popular mind for its many football matches followed by cheeky European films. What time.


Among his programming announcements for 2023 is a scripted anthology series titled Erotic storieswhich, combined with its signature FIFA 2022 World Cup software bar, it’s tempting to think SBS is embarking on a nostalgic journey.

Of course, this would be a shorthand way to cover SBS’s 2023 programming, which is obviously much more diverse – in more ways than one – but it was still fun to joke around, if only for a moment.

Here’s what’s yet to come:

Safe home: Thriller written by prolific television writer Imogen Banks (Offspring, Party Tricks). These are the stars Bold fontAisha Dee, a woman involved in a brutal m*rder. It also stars Mabel Lee and Virginia Gay.


While the men are away: Billed as a “s*xy, kinky, revisionist” historical drama, it centers on a group of women who explore their desires and find their strength while the men fight in World War II.

Erotic stories: We don’t know what exactly Erotic stories promising, but the title is certainly suggestive. This is an anthology series.

Rogue Heroes: Starring Dominic West, Alfie Allen and others. s*x educationThe British drama by Connor Swindells tells the story of the creation of the SAS. Rogue Heroes derived from Peaky BlindersStephen Knight.

doll factory: Based on the best-selling novel by Elizabeth McNeil. doll factory Set in 1850 London, it tells the story of Iris, a woman who paints dolls for a living but dreams of becoming an artist. But in order to fulfill her dreams, she will have to leave her twin sister.


SBS On Demand Short Dramas: Three games have been ordered for the network’s streaming platform: Night bloomershorror anthology set in the Korean diaspora, Appetitea mystery involving a dead food delivery man and Latecomerstwo strangers with cerebral palsy explore their relationship with s*x.

One Australia: A local version of the American format, the competition series will feature 10 Australians stranded in the Tasmanian wilderness to battle the unforgiving environment for a chance to win $250,000.

Request for this: A documentary series designed to debunk myths and misconceptions about the complex issue of consent in Australia.

Who the hell are we?: John Safran, Cal Wilson and Adam Leo present this “satirical, iconoclastic and playful” series about Australia’s hidden multicultural history.

Great Australian Walks: Giulia Zemiro will host this series of great walks in Australia, as the title says.


Matchmakers: Sometimes in the app age, we forget that matchmaking has been around a lot longer than OK Cupid. The three-part series examines old traditions, family values ​​and culture through the hunt for true love.

Big school exchange: A social experiment in which students from Australia’s largest Islamic school switch places with students from regular high schools.

Bali Paradise Cuisine: Hosted by Lauren Camilleri, founder of vegan cafe Kynd in Bali, the SBS Food Commission explores the flavors of Australia’s favorite vacation spot.

Khanh Ong Wild Food: Former Chef The favorite will host a series focusing on Australian products in the wild, exploring locations including the coast of Tasmania and remote billabongs in Arnhem Land.

Luc Nguyen’s Indian Views: Luc Nguyen returns to SBS to accompany viewers on a culinary adventure through India, exploring the rich links between culture and cuisine.


From the heart of our nation, holiday: NITV 10th Anniversary Special Live Broadcast from Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Indigenous artists will take part in it.

Coming back in 2023, it’s new seasons Who do you think you are, Every family has a secret as well as Australia Revealed, The first inventors, Living black, Journey with Ernie Dingo, Our law, Cooking with Adam Liau, Great Aussie Adam and Po bites, Eurovision, mastermind as well as Celebrity letters and numbers.

International returning shows include final season The Handmaid’s Tale, Question group, 8 out of 10 cats are counting down, Hypothetical as well as Patriot Brains.

In sports, SBS includes the Tour de France, Women’s Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Vuelta a España, Women’s Paris-Roubaix, Women’s and Men’s Australian National Road Series, Women’s and Men’s Spring Cycling Classics in Europe, Youkai Muddy as well as Above the black dot.

Current events and news programs include In sight, Dateline, News NITV, Meaning as well as SBS World News.

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