Savannah Crisley Received Custody of Grayson After Parental Sentence

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Savannah Chrisley shared that she has custody of her brother Grayson and niece Chloe after her parents, Todd as well as Julie Chrisleywere sentenced to prison.

“I can go home without both parents. Here are the chances.” Growing up Chrisley said alum on the Monday, Nov. 21, episode of her “Unlocked” podcast. “It’s a possibility, and it’s my new normal.”


Us weekly confirmed Monday that Todd, 53, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison on fraud charges, and his wife, 49, will spend seven years behind bars. Both TV presenters will also have to serve 16 months probation. The Savannah podcast episode aired shortly before the couple received their sentences.

She continued, “I come home on a Tuesday and I have custody of a 16 year old and a 10 year old and we don’t have our first Thanksgiving as a family. I never left my family for the holidays.”

Along with Savannah, Todd and the South Carolina native have sons together. chase26 years old, and Grayson, 16 years old. The real estate mogul is also a father Lindsey33 and Kyle31 years he shares with his ex-wife Teresa Terry. In 2013, Todd won custody of his granddaughter Chloe, age 10, amid Kyle’s personal problems.

The Sassy by Savannah founder’s younger brother was recently involved in a car accident before their parents’ hearing. It is reported that the teenager suffered a potential head injury and was taken to hospital after an accident on Saturday, November 12. The reality TV star has not spoken about the incident with her brother, speaking about her family’s hardships.


During the podcast, the Georgia native also spoke about the biggest challenge of her new responsibility.

“[I’m] trying to figure out how to teach two younger children who are not yet fully developed and… make them understand the circumstances,” she admitted, promising to give Grayson and Chloe “love and hugs” as their guardians. “It’s a very, very difficult thing.”

In 2019, Todd and Julie were charged with 12 counts of tax evasion, banking and electronic fraud and conspiracy. At the time, Todd denied the accusations in a lengthy statement, claiming that their former employee Mark Braddock tried to “retaliate” against him and his wife and brought “false documents to the US Attorney’s Office”.


Following news of the couple’s sentencing, three reality shows featuring the family – Chrisley knows best, Growing up Chrisley as well as love limousine were reportedly canceled by USA Network. Term It was reported that Chrisley knows bestwhich began in 2014 and will conclude with a shortened season 10 in 2023, with episodes recorded before the couple were convicted of cheating.

Savannah has apparently weighed in on her parents’ verdict by posting an uplifting quote on how to rise above the negativity on social media.

“Noah didn’t stop building the ark to explain himself to everyone who doubted and hated him,” she shared on her Instagram story on Monday. “Keep building your ark. The rain will speak.

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