‘Saturday Night Live’ Cold Open Stings Herschel Walker With His Own Words As He Faces Georgia Senate Runoff –

gave Saturday Night Live The cold open used Herschel Walker’s own slip-ups and awkward words against him to undermine his Senate bid, as the Republican Senate candidate in Georgia is facing Democrat Raphael Warnock.

In real life, Walker’s post-election day run-off has been marked by his comments about vampires and werewolves, as well as allegations and revelations since the football star entered the political arena. The outlook was a bit Freudian.


In the skit, Walker (Kenan Thompson) visits the office of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (James Austin Johnson) as he and other colleagues are desperate for any kind of victory while the Republicans hold the majority. Hopes to do so were most dashed. Recent midterms but seasoned politicians face a candidate, Walker, who is testing how much voters will accept when it comes to incompetence. In the skit, Walker first refers to McConnell as “Mitch McDonald.”

Sen. “The priority now is to vote because you’ve got this big runoff coming up,” Marsha Blackburn (Cicely Strong) tells Walker.

Walker replied, “Oh, well, I’m good at them. My ex-wife said all I do is get away.”


At one point, Walker told McConnell & co. said, “I feel very confident about this build.”


“You mean, the election?” McConnell asks him.

“I don’t,” Walker replied.


Walker indeed Such a slip On the campaign trail. And later in the skit, the SNL writers hit on Walker’s reference to vampires and werewolves in a campaign speech, something that Warnock’s campaign has used in campaign ads.

Blackburn tells Walker, “Perhaps in a final push, let’s lie down and focus on the message.

“Exactly. Just like Kenny,” Walker replied.

“No. No, the issues people worry about — inflation, crime,” says Blackburn.


“Vampires, werewolves. They’re afraid of geckos. We’re going to see them all,” Walker told him.

As Walker moves forward, McConnell eventually comes up with his Hail Mary pass – a “Plan B.” That is, taking the walker into his “panic room.” “It’s all yours, just until Election Day. … Everything you need is there.


“It’s only for a few days,” McConnell told him, before Scott finished, rather abruptly.

Thompson appeared earlier this season as Walker and Johnson as McConnell. Weekend update segment. This time, using some of Walker’s own words, the skit had some shades of an earlier 2008 SNL election skit featuring Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. The skit, using some of Palin’s actual comments from a disastrous CBS News interview with Katie Couric, fueled concerns that the GOP vice presidential nominee was unfit for the job.

See below:

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