Sarah Harris on ‘sadness’ over ‘The Project’ role

Sarah Harris admitted that she was “sad” because of her new role as one of the leading “Project”.

Last week, the TV presenter and journalist was announced as Carrie Bickmore’s replacement for Channel 10’s news and current affairs series.


But Harris said in a new interview with Star: “It’s a bit sad. Because now I’m stepping away from the show that was my baby for the better part of a decade.

“But the little show that could be is still buzzing and has big plans for 2023. And we will always be a family.”

Harris was with the morning program Studio 10 since the show’s launch in 2013 and was its last founding host.

Harris will join Project since 2023, together with Walid Ali. She called the opportunity a “once in a lifetime” performance and said she didn’t expect it.


“I’m still trying to figure it out. This is such an incredible opportunity to put on some pretty big shoes and be part of Projectnext chapter. I can’t wait to learn more and have fun with Walid and his team. It’s one of the biggest jobs on TV,” she said.

Switching to a night job ends a turbulent time for Harris, who shared the pain of her divorce from ex-husband Tom Ward, whom she split from in early 2021. The couple have two sons, Paul and Harry.

She said of her emotional journey after the separation, “It’s real and scary. It seems that there is no real anchor there, there is no one at the end of the wire, although there is always one.

“When you go through something like that, it’s like walking without skin and you feel like everyone can see your insides. You feel so insecure and vulnerable. It was tough because I was also dealing with all these changes in the show.”


The studio suffered a shake-up in late 2020 when Tristan McManus was brought in as co-host alongside Harris.

But the presenter said that, despite the difficulties, she found grace and amazing wisdom in her little children.

“I am so proud of how resilient they are and how they know they have two parents who absolutely love them more than anyone else on the planet. It was good to keep that focus.

“[Paul] said to me the other day: “Mom, do you know that even if you have no friends, you always have a friend with you? Mom, you should always be your own best friend.

“How did I know about this at 41, and my six-year-old child knows all this? That’s what we should teach our children.”


Harris will join Project at a dramatic time for the show, which will lose three high profile hosts. In addition to Bickmore’s departure, Lisa Wilkinson also stepped down from the table, and a week later, Peter Helliar also announced that he was leaving.

Wilkinson said she wanted to “reconsider some things in my life” and cited the “toxicity” of the individual media sections as the driving force behind her decision to quit smoking.

Helliar said he wants to focus on other professional responsibilities.

“I need to create space for some projects that I want to work on,” he said.

Read the full interview in Stellar, available from The Sunday Telegraph (NSW), Sunday Herald Sun (Victoria), The Sunday Mail (Queensland) and Sunday Mail (South America).


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