Sam Frost, Home and Away Vaccine Drama: Star Heading to Melbourne

The Sam Frost saga continues as the star parted ways with Home and Away after a month-long drama over the status of his vaccinations.

Two months after actor Sam Frost hit headlines with his public stance against COVID-19 vaccination, the soap star is cutting ties with the Channel 7 drama home and away,


Frost, who revealed earlier this week that he has published his book, will be filming his last episode of the long-running Australian drama, on Friday. Daily Telegraph report,

Wire Has said that Frost will move to Melbourne. It comes after the Seven Network gave employees until November to sort out their vaccinations.

In a previous Instagram post, Frost said she was having a “medical procedure in January” but would return in February. However, it seems that the return will no longer take place.


Frost, 32, revealed in an emotional video on his Instagram in early October that he had not been vaccinated against the coronavirus.


She said she could “get in trouble” for revealing her stance on the vaccine, but pleaded for “compassion” and “empathy” for those who have made the same decision as her.

“I was hesitant to actually do a video or speak about that sort of thing, but I feel like it’s getting to a point in the world now where there’s a lot of isolation, a lot of hard decisions, and Its taking its toll on my mental health,” Frost told his 577,000 followers on Instagram.


“There are many different reasons why people don’t get vaccinated – and it could be because of their medical history, they could have concerns, they could have a family history, it could be a religious reason, whatever.

“I want to tell people who feel they are being cut off from society – well, I haven’t been vaccinated, and there’s a reason I’m not.

“I’ve talked to my doctor and my psychologist about it, and I’m going to keep it private.”

The response came quickly and Frost temporarily closed his social media accounts. His name kept trending in Australia for several days.


Since then, Frost has announced that he will get the jab but will not be fully vaccinated until February.

On Tuesday, Frost revealed on Instagram that he has written a book. She said the book on mental health was “from my own personal experience” and came after “I worked closely with my beautiful sister Christine and (publisher Hatchet Australia)”.


“It’s raw, honest and real,” Frost wrote. “I don’t pretend to have all the answers, I’m still solving it myself.”

She continued: “I know what it feels like to be surrounded by darkness, having lost all hope… not knowing how I can have another day.

“I’ve lived it, and I’ve gotten through it… (and fell backwards several times).

“This is my story. I am very proud to share. It is about finding strength, courage, resilience and hope while learning great life lessons.”

Frost, from Ferntree Alley, south-east of Melbourne, won the 2014 season of The Bachelor Australia and a year later became Australia’s first Bachelorette.

Channel 7 has been contacted for comment.



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