Sal was especially proud of stripping high-five to punish impractical pranksters

In the issue “Impractical Pranksters: After Party Web Chat”, Sal Vulcano answered questions from the Internet. One fan wondered if Vulcano’s creation was a punishment he was proud of. Vulcano seems to have enjoyed the humiliation inflicted on his friends in a public forum. “Me and Q always loved the Strip High Five celebration because it was such a public spectacle and really humiliating for the guys,” Vulcano said. “It was really fun and intense. And that’s something I know I would never want to do.”


in a season 2 episode, misfits James Murray and Joe Gatto stood in a park asking passers-by to high-five. If some stranger refuses their high-five, the Joker will have to remove an item of clothing. By the end of the punishment, Murray was in his underpants and failed to hit the last five before Joe stripped him down to a party suit for a crowd of onlookers.

Despite being naked in public and accompanying this humiliation, Murray seems to take no offense and also considers it one of his favorite punishments. In an interview with SlingMurray expressed his love of punishment for its simplicity and all-inclusiveness, explaining, “… my absolute favorite was the Strip High Five for its simplicity… It goes tit for tat until one of us ends up naked.” and it’s so purely simple and I love it.”

Considering it was a very simple concept that paid off with absolute fun, it only makes sense that Vulcano would be proud of it. It seems the punishment was so ingenious that even those who suffered the most from it can still appreciate how inventive it was.


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