Ryan Seacrest admits he was ‘burnt, beaten and exhausted’ when fans thought he had suffered a stroke on live TV

Ryan Seacrest confessed to feeling “burned out, beat up and tired” during his live broadcast last year, which worried fans concerning the star’s health.

Viewers feared that the talk show host was suffering a stroke because he was slurring his speech and having trouble concentrating on the air.

Ryan Opens Up About On Air Horror When Fans Afraid The Host Would Suffer A Stroke


Ryan opens up about on-air horror after fans feared the host would suffer a strokecredit: getty
He claimed that he felt 'burnt out' and 'tired' during the segment


He claimed he felt ‘burnt out’ and ‘tired’ during the segmentcredit: ABC

Ryan opened up in an interview about the horror during a live American Idol episode wall street journal,

“It’s personal, but I definitely knew I needed to slow down…. I had just burned myself out,” the multi-media host revealed.

I was absolutely green and tired and just couldn’t allow myself to admit it. Now I do,” he said.

The 46-year-old also shared a piece of medical advice he received after the episode: to slow down.


“It’s hard to say no to things. You want to say yes,” he said. “When I say no to something, I feel guilt as an obligation.”

fans were left Worried about star’s health After a segment the presenter slurred his speech and appeared unable to focus properly.

His right eye was also seen hanging.

During remote broadcastIn which Samantha “Just Sam” Diaz was crowned the winner of the season from home, viewers took to social media to air their concerns.


One fan tweeted, “Is @RyanSeacrest ok? Not shedding light on this. He was closing his speech as normal and had a half-eye.”

“I think there’s something wrong with Ryan Seacrest, Big Time. Did anyone else notice the delay in his eye and speech?” shared another.

Reps for the Star released a statement that read: “Ryan did not have a stroke last night.

“Like many people right now, Ryan is adjusting to the new normal and finding work-from-home balance with the added stress of doing live shows from home.”

Speaking to People magazine, the rep said: “Between Live with Kelly and Ryan, American Idol, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, and Disney Family Singalong specials, she’s done three to four on-air jobs over the past few weeks. and he needs rest.


“So today he took a good day off.”


Back in October, a source told The Sun that american idol host Was urged to take a “breath” By his loved ones who were “concerned” about his well-being after “20 years of nonstop work”.

Fans upset when TV personality was not present live with kelly and ryan With his co-host Kelly Ripa in September.

While “nothing serious” is going on with Ryan, a source close to the radio DJ exclusively told The Sun that he was encouraged to take a break He overworks himself because of “fear”.

“There was always a fear that he would totally overwork himself. He’s been doing go-go-goes for 20 years now and he’s almost 50…


“We thought he would have slowed down and settled down by now. But it hasn’t. He’s only gotten busy so everyone is worried about him and has for years.”

The insider then revealed how busy Ryan’s schedule is, claiming: “He works hard and works out consistently…he often skips solid food and drinks green juice as a supplement so that he Don’t ‘waste time’ sitting and eating.

“He has drivers to take him everywhere, not just because he can afford it, but because he is working on his phone or laptop. He doesn’t really stop. ,

work life balance

The informant then alleged that while Ryan “is the nicest guy so he never blinks when he’s stressed,” he explained that when he’s stressed, he “has a certain tone in his voice.” Or the looks in his eyes… when you know what he’s about was his limit.”

“With the new season of Idol coming up to add to his already hectic workload, I think everyone knew it would be time for him to rest up, so when they sat down to have a tough talk with him.” went.

“Everyone came from a place of love and Ryan understood. He was really grateful for the experience, and appreciated the love and support he was surrounded by.

“It was a very positive experience overall,” said the source.

He added that the Hollywood icon “won’t give up any of his major gigs” while trying to create a more balanced work-life schedule.

Although he temporarily pulled away from Live With Kelly & Ryan, he continued to host his popular morning show, On-air with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM,

The insider concluded that Ryan has virtually been “in good spirits” while hosting the radio program.

Ryan’s reps did not respond to The Sun’s request for comment.

Loved ones urge multi-media host to take a break from work out of 'worry' for his health


Loved ones urge multi-media host to take a break from work out of ‘worry’ for his healthcredit: through NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal
One informant said he refused to 'skip any big gigs' and is trying to find work-life balance


One informant said he refused to ‘skip any big gigs’ and is trying to find work-life balancecredit: getty
Ryan is a host on American Idol, co-hosts on Live with Kelly and Ryan, among other projects.


Ryan is a host on American Idol, co-hosts on Live with Kelly and Ryan, among other getty
Ryan Seacrest Fans Tell Him To ‘Slow Down’ As He Returns To Live And American Idol Sets After Friends Staged ‘Intervention’.

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