Roles The John Wick Actors Probably Want You To Forget

Some may consider Winston an ally of John Wick, but as the owner of the underworld hotels known as The Continental, he is more like a god. He was also flawlessly played by English actor Ian McShane, whose career spans decades. However, Winston is far from McShane’s main role. He is also known for his role as foul-mouthed mogul Al Swearengen in the HBO western Deadwood. But as proud as he is of both Winston and Swearengen, he probably doesn’t look back with such satisfaction at his role in the 1970 farce Kitty, Kitty, I Love You.


An inexplicable sequel to Woody Allen’s 1965 classic What’s New, Kitty? the film is part s*x comedy, part acid trip, part… well, actually, we’re not quite sure what it is. But what we know for sure is that this is an absolutely disgusting psychedelic comedy starring Ian McShane as Fred S. Dobbs, an American writer in Rome. Like its predecessor, it focuses on the lascivious endeavors of a lust-obsessed hedonist who seeks help from a bewildered doctor, this time after being overcome by a fear of losing his hair.

He is also haunted by dreams of a s*xually aggressive gorilla, and unfortunately his therapist seems to be more into the sordid details of his s*x life than actually helping him. Even on paper, it seems ridiculous in every sense, but somehow even worse in ex*cution.


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