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EXCLUSIVE: Rodney Barnes, HBO executive producer Time to win: The rise of the Lakers dynastyis producing a horror podcast dedicated to the myths and legends that stem from black stories.

Writer/producer of the series viz Everyone hates Chris And The Boondocks Worked closely with Campside Media, the company behind it. Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queenand Atwill Media, which is behind Apple’s podcasts and docs. Wild things of the Run, idiot.


Run, idiot will follow an anthology format in the style of The Twilight Zone or Stories from the Corrupt With each episode focusing on a single, terrifying ghost story from a different period in American history.

For example, legend has it that a black goat farmer named Oscar Washburn moved his family to a homestead in Maryland just north of a bridge known today as Gottman’s Bridge. It got its name because it was haunted by a half-man, half-goat figure that Oscar Washburn sold tickets to see. Until the horror happened.

Gottman is the first of dozens of stories that will be told.


Barnes said he likes to “dig” into these stories. “We’ve got some delicious horror stories to tell, and an interesting list of people joining in on the fun. So just know, when it gets too scary, you can always run, idiot,” she said. added.


The series is set to launch in 2023 with Campside and Eatville yet to choose a distributor for the podcast. Companies are already lining up TV adaptations of some of the stories.

“We were just hoping to find a great story that Rodney wanted to start as a podcast and then turn into a TV show,” said Campusside co-founder Adam Hoff. presented an ongoing concept that would reach underserved audiences and potentially spawn dozens of TV and film adaptations.


Campside initially began talking to Barnes about a possible adaptation of one of his other podcasts, including Suspicious, thorn And Run, Bambi, run.

“As a comedian, I’ve long admired Rodney’s writing. Few creators can cross boundaries and genres as much as he can––he has this monster of an imagination. sense. Plus, he sounds absolutely incredible on the mic,” added Campuside co-founder Matthew Sher.

Campside will co-produce with At Will, which is also behind series such as Unsealed: The Tylenol Murders and the biker gang scripted series Koz Taylor Kitsch and Kate Mara star for Audible.

“We are extremely excited to launch this unique series with the incredibly talented visionary Rodney Barnes, who has an unparalleled eye for storytelling, and the Campus Media team, who are the leaders in the nonfiction podcast business. are excellent,” added Will Malnati, CEO of At Will Media.


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