Rita Ora says she is ‘incredibly embarrassed’ about violating lockdown restrictions

Rita Ora has said that she feels “incredibly embarrassed” about the incident, which has violated lockdown restrictions to celebrate her birthday.

Rita Ora has expressed deep regret for hosting her 30th birthday party in London last year amid strict lockdown restrictions.


singer andSound Australia coach Last November “a small gathering with some friends” was held at the Casa Cruz restaurant in Notting Hill, while all pubs and restaurants in England were required to close at that time.

She was fined for the violation, saying this week she “wish she had made a different choice” during a tearful interview with Independent,

“I’m incredibly embarrassed,” Ora, who is now living in sydney with a partner Taika Waititi, told the publication when she started crying.


“I still feel embarrassed. And alas… it’s really hard for me to talk about it.”


The 31-year-old singer said she “wish it never happened”, given that at the time, only takeaway and delivery were allowed from restaurants, and people were barred from meeting indoors with members of other households.

“I wish I had made a different choice,” she said.


“It makes me sad because it’s something I wish never happened.

“People were making great sacrifices at the time, and I let them down. And that hurts. It hurts a lot.”

The songwriter was labeled “selfish” at the time and fined £10,000 ($A18,500) by the British police.

Following the backlash, Ora apologized in a statement, saying the decision was “the spur of the moment” and that she “made it with a misguided view that we are coming out of lockdown and that it will be okay”.


“I am deeply sorry for breaking the rules and in return I understand that it puts people at risk,” she told Instagram followers at the time.

“This was a serious and unforgivable error of judgment. Looking at the sanctions, I realized how irresponsible these actions were and I take full responsibility.”




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