Rihanna’s Wax Figure at Madame Tussauds Is Creating a Stir

rihanna wax figure madame tussauds berlin

At this point, I’m starting to consciously think Failed Celebrity Wax Figures Part of Madame Tussauds’ PR strategy. It seems that every time the museum unveils a new statue, the creation is largely unaffected – and, in some instances, Mark. There is not even in the same universe as – and the fervent Internet discussion ensues. This is what happens with a special one.”rihanna“The wax figure that just went through a holiday makeover—and yes, the quotation marks are a must.


Located at Madame Tussauds in Berlin, alleged doppelganger Almost Doesn’t Come Close to Capturing Miss Robin Rihanna Fenty’s Beauty, blunt-cut bangs and a headband that looks like bowed-up lace underwear. The real bad gal would be RiRi never,

The wax figure in question isn’t technically a new release, as it originally debuted in 2011 with a red side-swept pixie cut, but its recent hairstyle switch-up quickly caught on. rihanna Navy attention. As One fan completely engulfed Twitter, “There are so many reference photos of Rihanna for that wax figure that looks like a completely different person. It doesn’t even look like her cousin who has been removed twice.” Retweet that! Take a closer look at the damned figure next and see what all the crap is about.


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