Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s son ‘brought them a lot closer’

Rihanna and ASAP Rockys Son Has Brought Them So Much Closer

Children’s happiness! Rihanna as well as A$AP Rocky are enjoying every moment of life as new parents and are even considering expanding their family.

“Rihanna and ASAP are very open to more kids, they love being parents and having a family,” a source says exclusively in the latest issue of the magazine. Us weekly. “Having this family together has brought them so close that they are now loved more than ever.”


Us confirmed that the 34-year-old Umbrella singer gave birth to a boy in May. “They rarely leave their baby,” the insider said. Us about Rihanna and the 33-year-old rapper “F-kin Problems” three months after they welcomed their baby. “They are very private about their newborn out of concern for his safety and really just want to keep him out of the public eye for now. … They both feel really happy and very happy.”

The source continued, “Rihanna is in no rush to shed her baby weight. She has really accepted her body and doesn’t feel the pressure to lose it quickly. Rihanna is a workaholic, so it’s great to see her taking the time to thrive in motherhood.”

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky at the premiere of Wakanda Forever John Salangsang / Shutterstock

Since the birth, Rihanna, who is due to headline the Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show in early 2023, hasn’t shared photos of her son or even revealed his name to the public, instead preferring to simply enjoy the first months of fatherhood. the most complete. “We just haven’t gotten to that yet,” the singer told Work. Washington Post earlier this month. “We just lived. But I guess there’s a certain freedom that comes with just posting stuff.”

Rihanna and Rocky, who first met in December 2019, also kept their relationship under wraps, with the rapper ‘Sarafan’ only confirming their romance in May 2021.”[It’s] much better when you have The One. It is probably a million others,” Rocky said. GQ at the time, describing Rihanna as “the love of my life”.


He added: “I think when you know, you know. She is one.”

At the time, a source exclusively told Us that the couple were a “good couple” for each other. “Obviously they are a couple and also each other’s best friends,” the insider said. “They joke a lot [and] laugh a lot. They have a lot of private dates and have fun together.”

Shortly after the birth of their son, Rocky hinted that he and Rihanna were hoping to have more children in the future. “I will always remind [future] children never lose their imagination, even as adults, no matter what. I actually love watching cartoons,” the New York native said. dazed magazine in an interview published in May shortly after Rihanna gave birth. “I hope to raise open-minded children. Not people who discriminate. And I’m not trying to describe a saint, but really, I just want a cool kid with cool parents.”

He added that “things like diversity and versatility are important” and that he wanted his children to grow up with these values ​​”infused in the household”.


To learn more about Rihanna and ASAP Rocky, watch the exclusive video above for the latest news. Us weekly edition on newsstands now.

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