Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: Extraordinarily Yellow Misadventure

Amazingly, Rick sticks to Wong’s treatment plan. When Jerry is sponsored to fly the Mitsubishi spacecraft and is not included in the bridge crew, Rick remains unmoved. And when an anthropomorphic green bean appears, rushing to fight him, Rick ignores the mustachioed bean crop until someone else takes it on.


Rick is thrilled to realize that Wong was right. He is out of the game. So, with no one to fight, Rick heads to a bar where he overhears a conversation between two girls watching a viral clip of PissMaster fighting Jerry. “He must be the biggest piece of sh*t in the galaxy,” they say of the p*ss-spraying alien. It’s clear that Rick can understand, and the conversation seems to have hit something in him. He drives drunk to PissMaster’s house, shows up at the door with six packs of beer, possibly seeking to contact someone who can communicate with him.

But when he enters, Rick finds his urine dripping down the stairs. He follows him into the bathroom, where he finds PissMaster dead in the tub. Rick tries to revive him, but it’s too late. Just as Rick is about to leave, there is a knock on the PissMaster’s door. This is the daughter of PissMaster, she came to visit him because he does not answer her calls.

Rick’s first impulse is to dive through the portal, leaving the woman to look for his father’s body, but when he says he will never stop blaming himself if the PissMaster gets hurt, Rick can’t take it. He puts on the PissMaster helmet and impersonates him, telling his daughter that he is fine and promising not to do anything. Back inside, he finds PissMaster’s suic*de note, which blames the humiliation of Jerry’s defeat for taking his own life.

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