Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: Rick-Pyre Strikes Back

Back in the living room, Robot Rick is desperate to tell the family that he is an android, but he is programmed to be unable to do so. Their adoration torments him and he tries to explain to them who he really is, but to no avail. Finally, Morty returns upstairs, frustrated and angry at Rick, and reveals the truth to the family, who continue to att*ck Robot Rick with wine bottles, cooking utensils, and laser guns. Robot Rick is too happy to die and escape the hell of his existence.


Meanwhile, the President accidentally drops his lightsaber vertically on the floor of the White House while playing with it, and it heads towards the Earth’s core again. He hermetically seals the White House and ejects it into space to save himself, so Morty restores Rick the Robot and retrieves the saber again, then heads into space to confront the rogue POTUS.

After a protracted battle with the President’s Star Wars-inspired robot army (during which Robot Rick repeatedly attempts to kill himself again), a breach in the White House’s hull blows all three into space, but the real Rick is revealed. a portal that drops them back into the garage. Robot Rick dies from his injuries, but not before telling Morty that his existence demonstrates how much the real Rick cares about him.


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