Rick and Morty fans discuss Morty’s lightsaber shenanigans in the season 6 finale

Morty received the best Christmas present a teenage boy could ever wish for in Season 6, Episode 10 (“Ricktional Mortpoon’s Rickmas Mortcation”). When Rick gave his grandson a functional lightsaber, Morty was overjoyed.


Naturally, the joy didn’t last long before things got ugly for the couple (it was the season finale, after all). However, these were the lightsaber moments that fans couldn’t stop talking about after the episode aired, with social media buzzing with glowing, cosmic joy. Like exclaimed @SteelJacket729 on Twitter. “RICK GOT MORTY A LIGHT SABER FOR CHRISTMAS.”

With a legion of avid Star Wars fans scattered around the world, it was only a matter of time before word spread that Morty had received every sci-fi fan’s dream gift. “Christmas was going well until the president pulled out your lightsaber you got as a gift and almost destroyed the world,” he tweeted. @RandolphPinckn3. Perhaps the funniest part of the episode was that he took the opportunity to finally answer questions that science fiction fans have never seen answered in the actual Star Wars universe, with Reddit users like @Hawaiian_Brian admired the way the show pointed out the danger of dropping one of these weapons at a vertical angle.

Indeed, as is often the case in Rick and Morty, a seemingly good deed leads to disastrous consequences for the galaxy. As @ArrontheWise tweeted: “Rick and Morty Season 6 ending made us learn 2 lessons: 1 – don’t throw your lightsaber vertically. 2 – there are a lot of Star Wars fans who are tumbling around in their fandom.”


While Rick and Morty Season 6 has ended, fans are likely looking forward to a new batch of episodes in 2023.


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