Rian Johnson shares ‘Knives Out 3’ details: ‘I’m going to jump right into it’

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Ryan Johnson ready to Get knives 3!

In a new interview, the 48-year-old director spoke candidly about how work on the third part of the series is progressing.


Ryan it turned out that although Glass Bow: Mystery of Knives just arrived on Thursday (November 23), already thinking what to do for #3 in the franchise.

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“It’s interesting. We structured [Netflix deal] so if i wanted to do something even further i could. And I think everyone was assuming that I would have a couple of other random ideas – unrelated projects – that I was mulling over. But honestly, over the past couple of months, the most exciting creative moment for me right now is this third film,” he said. Term.

“So, I think I’m going to jump right into it. Not because of contractual obligations, but because my nose is pointing at this shiny object right now. [It’s] the idea of ​​figuring out how it could be completely different from this one and also from the first one.”


He also confirmed that the process had already begun.

“I have a Moleskine notebook that I carry with me everywhere and I write in it all the time. The first 80 percent of the process for me is sketching in notebooks and structuring it all. I’m trying to get ahead. Even as I’m doing all the promotion for this movie, I’m trying to start building a structure, an idea that after the New Year, when it’s time to actually get to work, I’m hopefully not just staring at this awful blank page. But you always are, I guess.

“It’s difficult because it’s not an expansive genre. It’s not thousands of classic films like film noir where there seems to be an unlimited amount of things to learn from. There were many different Agatha Christie adaptations over the years, and they’re always fun to dig into. But in terms of real innovation in the genre, you really go back to the same titles. It’s funny because every time we release Get the knives movie, people ask me, “What five detective stories would you recommend to people?” And it will be very unpleasant when the third film will again and again name the same five. That’s why I’m trying to dive deeper into the genre and see if there are any hidden gems that I’m missing.”

Daniel Craig weighed too, saying that he had faith Ryan find what works.


Ryan I think I’m very excited to be moving on to the next one. He already has a few ideas and they seem really interesting to me, so I’ll just let him do it,” he said.

“In the end, yes, of course. I mean, if people are interested, then we will do it. But if there ever comes a time when either Ryan and I thought we were just churning them out, I think we would back off. I mean, I just don’t think that’s what any of us want to do in life. If people don’t genuinely enjoy them, forget about it.”

Ryan agree with Daniel about the process.

“In terms of my personal feelings when I go out on set, over the years I have become much more confident. But that comes with its own set of dangers – you get used to the routine – and I’m especially aware of that now that I’m filming the series. Daniel and I’ve talked about it a lot, how the moment we feel like we’re turning the crank of another one of them, we have to stop. So, now it is very important that each of them, and especially the third, seem scary and dangerous. You have to shake the box.”

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