Reddit thinks the former James Bond would be the perfect Bond villain

Reddit user u/McWovin took to the r/Movies subreddit asking fans to share their picks for the next James Bond. While /owlexe23 suggested by Danny DeVito and u/MintOtter considers Dan Stevens the best possible choice, most fans are not interested in asking this question. “Timothy Dalton as a villain is all I want,” a user wrote. you/cube_minereceived over a thousand likes.


Timothy Dalton played a British Secret Service agent in Living Daylights in 1987 and License to Kill in 1989. While Dalton received praise for his dark take on 007, the actor was unable to continue the role due to a complicated legal battle. If the fans had gotten their way, Dalton would have returned to the franchise as a villain. Why? Because of his devilishly delicious antagonistic twist in “Hot Fuzz”. Several of the comments are filled with references to the 2007 action comedy in which Dalton plays the nefarious Simon Skinner. Dalton is no stranger to playing bad guys, most recently appearing in Paramount+’s 1923 as a mortal enemy.

Some fans feel the conversation should move away from his “Hot Fluffy” role. “Every [is] was talking about ‘Hot Fuzzy’ and ‘Rocketeer’ and the dude also played a James Bond villain in the show ‘Chuck’ James Bond style,” wrote one fan. Another user chimed in, reminding commentators that Dalton played a villain in Flash Gordon before becoming 007.

Will Dalton return to the franchise, this time as an enemy intent on destroying James Bond? Only time will tell when the next iteration of 007 enters production. How can an ex-Bond be bad? User you/ramriot there is an idea: “The twist of the plot could be that he was Bond and will try to turn him into the new Bond with his story about how the king and the country abandoned him.”



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