Reddit has thoughts on the best teacher at Abbott Elementary

On January 16, 2023, Reddit user u/Secure-Belt6595 launched a thread on r/AbbottElementary, which attracted significant fan attention. The original post said, “Rate Abbott Elementary School teachers from the best.” [to] the worst teacher, and how happy you would be if you had them.


In response, fans of the show provided their personal ratings of the five teachers on its main cast, namely: Janine Teague (Kinta Brunson), Gregory Eddy (Tyler James Williams), Ava Coleman (Janelle James), Melissa Shemmenty (Lisa Ann Walter) and Jacob Hill (Chris Perfetti). And while the rankings varied widely, the two women often stayed at or near the top.

One of them, to no one’s surprise, was Barbara Howard (Sheryl Lee Ralph), a loving, deeply religious veteran who teaches her kindergarten class in an older fashion. Barbara is in many ways the soul of Abbott – a seasoned, jaded professional who goes out of her way to create a solid and supportive learning environment for her students in a highly dysfunctional system. While her penchant for bringing religion into the classroom has given some Reddit users pause, most commenters have called her one of the best teachers at Abbot. u/-love-valentine noting, “She’s the kind of teacher I wish I had.”

Barbara’s old timer at Abbott, second grade teacher Melissa, has also received many first places from Redditors, who have praised her strict yet warm, encouraging and very resourceful teaching style. As u/whatsayyouinyourdefe Let’s just say she has a “straight head and is great with kids.”


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