Rebel Wilson’s Slimming Clothing Line Isn’t Plus Size: The Backlash –

In early November, Rebel Wilson did what many celebrities do: she launched her own clothing line. Wilson’s homewear line, the R&R Club, currently only includes two pieces, a cozy white hoodie and sweatpants, which retail for $179 and $149, respectively.

However, it currently doesn’t stock any sizes above XL, and fans were quick to point out how discouraging it was to see the celebrity lose weight drastically, apparently distancing herself from the fat community that supported her throughout her life. career.


“I’m just learning about Rebel Wilson’s new clothing brand, R&R Club, which launched in early November,” TikTok user Destiny Ann explained in her viral video. “I’m just confused. I don’t understand how someone who [was] Plus size for most of her career and most of her life… someone who knows how hard it is to be fat, go shopping for clothes and actually find them in her size… I don’t understand how someone with this experience, such knowledge, can launch a brand that only goes up to size XL.

Ann noted that companies often rely on the excuse that “it’s very expensive to have so many size ranges” but “it’s Rebel Wilson, she’s got the money.” It is also worth noting that back in 2017, Wilson launched Rebel Wilson x Angels, plus size fashion line. She has also previously worked with plus size fashion brand Torrid. So what were the thoughts behind Wilson’s latest fashion project?

While we don’t know what Wilson’s thought process was when he didn’t include plus sizes in this initial limited launch, many people frustrated by the lack of inclusive sizes pointed out that some former fat people tend to become particularly fat-phobic. trying to distance his current self from his former self, and suggested that the same could be true for Wilson, who lost 80 pounds after a “health year” in 2020. Whether Wilson thought about choosing to eliminate plus sizes in depth altogether, the release of this line was the moment when fat fans felt ignored and forgotten by someone who had previously represented and catered for them, such as with her 2017 plus size clothing line.


Wilson quickly responded to the backlash on her Instagram stories, explaining that the reason the R&R Club she launched with her partner Ramona Agrumah only comes in XS-XL sizes is because they are “experimenting with this limited capsule collection consisting of only two items in limited sizes. “. bridesmaidThe star went on to explain to fans that they are “planning to do more colors and sizes” and asked fans what shades and sizes fans would be interested in seeing in their next luxury homewear line.


The stigma faced by fat people has been proven to be detrimental to their overall health. While it’s good to hear that Wilson plans to expand the lineup, it’s easy to see how her large fan base feels alienated that she wasn’t included in the first place.

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