Rashida Jones’ Apple TV+ Dark Comedy Series Rounds Out Cast With Joanna Sotomura, 4 More –

special: Apple TV+ completes the pairing cast. Sunlight (fka Deep hand), a half-hour darkly comedic drama, starring and executive produced by Rashida Jones. Joanna Sotomura (berry) stars in the titular role with Annie the Clumsy (Miss Osaka), you (nobody knows), Judy Ong and Jun Kanemura (Kill the billJoin Jones in the series from Katie Robbins (The Affair, The Last Tycoon) and A24. Lucy Techerniak (Station Eleven, The End of the Five Worlds) is directly connected.

Written by Robbins, Sunlight Based on the book Deep hand By Colin O’Sullivan, an award-winning Irish author based in Japan.


Jones plays Suzy, an American woman living in Kyoto, Japan, whose life is destroyed when her husband and son disappear in a mysterious plane crash. As “consolation” she’s given Sunny (Sotomura), one of a new class of domestic robots created by her husband’s electronics company (Hideoshi Nishijima). Although at first Suzy resents Sunny’s attempts to fill the void in her life, they slowly develop an unlikely friendship, as together they uncover the dark truth that What really happened to Suzy’s family, and become dangerously intertwined in a world Suzy never knew existed. Nishijima portrays Masa Sakamoto, Suzie’s husband, and a brilliant roboticist.

Sotomura’s Sunny is a bright, young, chipper and emotionally sophisticated robot designed to evoke human emotions and do good.

Annie is the clumsy mixie, a new friend of Suzy’s and an aspiring mixologist. She is bold, charming, verbal and emotionally a bit of a mess.

You portray Hime, the strong and independent daughter of the ageless leader of Kyoto’s yakuza clan, and she wants to be his successor.


Ong played Noriko Sakamoto, the mother of Masa (Nishijima). Noriko is a wealthy housewife from an old family in Kyoto. She loves her son more than anything, which is why she tries to tolerate her daughter-in-law.

Kanemura portrays Yuki Tanaka, another visionary roboticist.

Robbins executive produces with Jones and Tcherniak, along with Ravinandan and Jess Laban for A24.

Known for his work on Sotomura, Berry et al. nice place, Produced by Griffin Talent and Brave Artist Management.


Known for his work in films. Kill the bill And lamentation, Kanemura recently starred in the Netflix action thriller Cat.

Annie the Clumsy is a singer and songwriter from Japan who produces her own YouTube show. Annie the clumsy In addition to her web show, Annie also composes, writes and sings songs for TV and web commercials in Japan.

Ong is a singer, actress and woodblock print artist who has appeared in numerous TV dramas, films and theater productions. It won several awards including the Japan Record Award.

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