Racist scandal at Buckingham Palace: Lawyer claims Lady Susan Hussey also questioned him about ethnicity

The lawyer said a royal lady-in-waiting at the center of the Buckingham Palace racism scandal also questioned him about his ethnicity at the same event where black activist Ngozi Fulani was asked where she “really” came from.

Lady Sarah Hussey has been caught up in a whirlwind of racism after reportedly asking black British charity boss Ngozi at a reception on Tuesday about her nationality.


The royal aide resigned yesterday after allegedly asking Ngozi at Buckingham Palace: “Where are you really from?”

British-born Ngozi attended an event on behalf of domestic violence charity Sistah Space to commemorate the UN’s 16-day campaign against gender-based violence.

Lady Hussey repeatedly wondered what part of Africa she was from and when she first came to the UK, says Ngozi.


And Nazir Afzal, the former Chief Crown Prosecutor for the North West of England, has now said he was also interrogated about his background at the event. Sun reported.


The chief legal officer tweeted: “I was at a reception at Buckingham Palace where Lady Hussey questioned the origins of the brilliant TVW expert Ngozi Fulani.

“She only asked me once about my background and seemed to accept my answer – currently in Manchester! Racism is always there.”


A spokesman for the palace said in a statement yesterday that they have “contacted Ngozi Fulani about the matter and invite her to personally discuss all elements of her experience if she so desires.”

However, speaking Thursday on ITV’s Good Morning Britain (GMB), Ngozi Fulani said Buckingham Palace had not spoken to her since the racing scandal broke.

When asked if the palace had contacted her about interacting with Lady Hussey, she said, “No. People keep saying that the palace contacted me. Nobody contacted me.”

Asked if the palace contacted her through her charity Sistah Space, Ms Fulani replied, “No. I don’t know where it came from, but I tell you categorically – we didn’t hear anything from the palace.”


Ms Fulani said that if she received an invitation from the Prince of Wales to visit the palace and discuss her experience, she would accept it, telling GMB to go ahead.

“We are very excited about this discussion because we just want to get back to 16 days of activity.


“It’s about violence against women and girls, and although I haven’t been physically abused, what I feel was a form of abuse.”

It also became known that Lady Hussey allegedly made controversial comments about Harry and Meghan’s wedding back in 2018.

Ngozi Fulani added that her interaction with the late Queen’s lady-in-waiting was “like an interrogation” and that she felt she was being forced “to renounce my British citizenship”.

She said the experience, just 10 minutes after arriving, left her “humiliated” with “mixed feelings” about the royal visit.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4 today, Ngozi said: ‘I was thinking to myself at the time, maybe she – because she keeps asking me the same question – maybe she can’t hear me well? Because you have so many things to consider when you’re talking to someone who might be older than you.

“But it soon dawned on me very quickly that it was not her ability to understand at all, but that she was trying to get me to really give up my British citizenship.

“I was completely stunned and it went on for about five minutes. It was like an interrogation.

“I want the focus to stay where it should be. I have to focus on violence against women and girls.”

This article originally appeared in Sun and reproduced with permission

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