Quiet Place Facts You Shouldn’t Keep Silent About

Although A Quiet Place was directed and rewritten by John Krasinski, as well as an original script by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, one of the film’s actors created two of the film’s most significant emotional moments. In an interview with US MetroMillicent Simmonds explained how she redesigned two important interactions between her character, Regan (deaf) and her father, played by Krasinski.


Simmonds, who is deaf in real life, said she offered to change the conclusion of the dispute between Regan and Lee. “When me and John were arguing as father and daughter in sign language at the beginning of the film, he was the most dominant character and I had to obey his needs,” she explained. But in conservation with Krasinski, Simmonds thought the scene would sound more believable if Regan fought against his father’s wishes. “He liked the idea,” she recalls.

Simmonds also changed one of the film’s most important body language exchanges. “Eventually, when he signs: “I love you,” I said that I think he should say: “I have always loved you.” The small change added depth to the characters’ relationship and also brought resolution to their previous conflict. Krasinski’s reaction was priceless: “When I suggested it, he cried,” Simmonds said.


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