Questionable things we ignore in Yellowstone

Fan favorite Beth Dutton may have gotten on some people’s nerves over the past couple of seasons due to her escalating feud with her brother Jamie, but one thing we can give her is consistency. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for some of the other characters in the series. More than one member of the Dutton family, the villain and rancher, seems to have flipped their personality, filling whatever role the writers dreamed up for them for their latest story.


This includes string-playing ex-convict and rancher Walker, a cowboy who came to the Yellowstone ranch early in the series. Given his dislike of violence, he drew the ire of Rip Wheeler and was kicked off the shooting range. He was saved from d*ath only by the merciful Casey. A couple of seasons later, Walker returns against his will, but this time he quickly fits in and even gets involved in the violence himself. Meanwhile, Rip’s hatred for this man disappears overnight.

Jamie Dutton also changes course several times. He seems to be unable to decide if he wants to team up with his adoptive family or go on his own, creating a series of recurring stories in which he leaves and returns.

The same can be said for Casey Dutton, who at first wants nothing to do with his family’s business, but then moves in with them before changing his mind and leaving again. Sometimes these character changes are part of their development, but all too often these dubious changes leave us wondering what the show is actually trying to achieve.


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