Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown got into the real world protesting MTV

In an interview on “Not skinny, but not fat either” On Karamo’s podcast, Brown told the story of how he got into The Real World, and it all started with the Queer Eye star going up against one of MTV’s most popular shows. “There used to be a show called Pump Me Up and I had just graduated from college and worked in social services… Part of my job was also to run this mentoring program after the kids came along. so that, and that’s why my children are locked up in juvenile colonies or sent to custody, because … they went to richer areas, stole hats and got caught. And the kids, I’ve spoken to them frankly, and they’re like, “That’s because I watched Pimp My Ride; I want to do something with my trip.” Brown went on to explain that a woman came out and asked who organized the protest and then asked Brown to come back for a meeting the next day. Thinking she wanted to discuss the protest, Brown prepared a presentation on the ill effects of “Pimp My Ride” only to find out that he was dating about a “Real World” commercial. Brown said he quickly withdrew his protest, saying, “I was such a traitor to the cause.”


Brown’s fame as a reality TV star led him to appear on the syndicated talk show Karamo, which he spoke about From a magazine which he always believed he would eventually achieve. “If we don’t believe in ourselves and can’t express it, then sometimes I feel like we’re closing doors before people even know we want them open.” Even talking about his talk show, Brown always shares his wisdom.

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