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It’s been a funny year, starting with the Omicron theft headlines (doesn’t it feel like a while ago) and ending with strike action and snow that caused public disruption and a strange fall? The World Cup ended with a cracking final, as Britain bid for its third prime minister in a 12-month period. In between, the audience was mesmerized by dancers, singers, bomb disposal experts and a former health secretary eating a camel’s penis. Here, unveils the year’s most-watched UK TV shows (excluding sport) according to 7-day post-barb data from, while the most-watched world Cup games are placed at the bottom. Read on

State funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth circa – 25M (BBC/ITV/Sky etc – Monday 19 September)


The Queen’s State Funeral

Gareth Fuller/Getty Images

According to some metrics, the state funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II was the most watched UK TV broadcast of all time and various analysts pegged the worldwide ratings figures at around the 4bn mark. Hopeful. Britain closed this year following the death of the world’s longest-serving monarch and 10 days of national mourning in which no one was allowed to have any real entertainment and see the coffin. Thousands of mourners lined up for , the funeral took place on a hastily assembled bank holiday. The result was a massive spectacle broadcast on around 50 UK channels that reached the 29M mark and was watched by 37.5M for at least three minutes. That audience was more than the nearly 30M who attended Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997, preceded by the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, and the Queen Mother. Coverage of the funeral, which peaked around 11am GMT (3am PST) as the coffin arrived at Westminster Abbey, was widely praised for its respectful tone and high quality production. The coronation of King Charles III in May will likely join the list in a year’s time.

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! – 11.9M (ITV – Sunday 6 November)

Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’


Last year’s list saw ITV’s winter entertainment juggernaut beaten by BBC’s perennial rival. Dance hard. But this year it came roaring back – in no small part because of a certain former government minister. Matt Hancock, the man accused of multiple covid-19 scandals who resigned after having an affair as well as breaking his own covid guidelines, made more headlines than a political bubble when he Throw your hat into the code. I am a celebrity. The soon-to-be MP sparked conversation across the country when the show launched in early November, with the inaugural event on Sunday 6 November following a quick withdrawal from the ring Conservatives. attracted its largest audience. Hancock’s eating of camel penises and sheep’s vaginas, rows with Boy George and a strangely beating heart helped set the finals to a four-year high, the former European Championship-winning footballer. Jill finished third as Scott. After a difficult few years in which the ITV Studios show was forced to relocate to a castle in Wales to navigate the pandemic, this year’s 22nd season in Australia proved that the format hosted by Ant and Dec. is back and stronger than ever.


dance hard – 10.5M (BBC One – Saturday 17 December)


lazyload fallback

Hamza Yasin and partner Joyta Prazistal. Photo: BBC/Guy Levy


Perhaps in opposition i am a celebrity of this year Hardly It was a quieter affair than last year, though still garnering millions of views per week for Season 20. While last year’s eventual winner, Rose Elling, was widely admired for her charming, soulful performance from Ellis, who became the first deaf person. To secure the Hardly The trophy, with the introduction of the first same-sex male couple, John White and Johannes Radebe, felt even more so for the 2022 edition. Hardly bread and butter. Remember that watching former Arsenal footballer Tony Adams in his dancing shoes was hilarious. In the end, children’s natural history presenter Hamza Yassin – dubbed by some as ‘the next Attenborough’ – won the hearts of the public, beating Helen Skelton, Fleur East and Molly Rainford to win the competition in a tense final. took There’s no doubt, the magic of what started as a quirky ballroom dancing format and is now the BBC’s biggest TV show bar none, 20 years on, is one that’s worth living until the cows come home. Will be appreciated. As it is watched in millions by all age groups. While any suggestion that it will return will be met with dismay, producers may be busy considering how to make the 2023 edition stick a little more in the nation’s collective mind. .

Eurovision Song Contest – 9.1M (BBC One – Saturday 14 May)


Eurovision Song Contest

Kalosh Orchestra


Not everyone admits to being the greatest. Eurovision Fanboys around the world watch it, and crowds tune in to see May’s annual Eurotrashbag, Britain’s highest-grossing seven-year-old. And what a show. This year’s competition saw an emotional victory for Ukraine’s Kalosh Orchestra, which came just three months after the Russian invasion and proved its mettle. Eurovision. The winning hip-hop group, who sold their trophy and donated the proceeds to the Ukrainian war effort, became overnight superstars and clips of their victory song Stephanie It has been viewed millions of times. Meanwhile, Britain actually did well. Excellent performance by Sam Ryder space man For the first time in living memory, the nation finished second overall with zero points and, due to the failure of hosts Ukraine Eurovision, means the UK, or more accurately Liverpool, will host the 2023 edition, which the BBC promises will cater to Ukrainian culture. So with one Eurovision With plenty of support programming planned to hit home turf, 2023 might just ride the wave of 2022 and sustain. Eurovision At the forefront of people’s TV viewing preferences.

Trigger point – 8.7M (ITV – Sunday 23 January)

Trigger point

Trigger point

HTM Television and All 3 Media International

Jade Mercurio Line of duty Last year topped the list but in 2022 ITV returns with its own Mercurio-led Riot. The result was this. trigger point, a line of duty-A thriller about, you guessed it, a police bomb disposal expert. Line of duty Vicki McClure. HTM Television’s six-parter from Mercurio and Jimmy Mulal, written by up-and-comer Daniel Brierley, had all the ingredients for success and did not disappoint. Beginning in January, McClure plays Lana Washington, a former military bomb disposal operative and Afghan war expert who heads the Met Police’s bomb squad and uses her skills to combat the threat of terrorism. Uses Little else needs to be said and McClure is joined by a stellar cast including Adrian Lester and Ralph Anison. Trigger point Consolidating Mercurio’s position as a pure hit factory, he also managed to produce ITV. DI Ray And the BBC’s second season was a hit. Bloodlands in the same year. with Line of duty‘s future hangs in the balance and one more season Trigger point Along the way, it can run away.

Best of all

  1. The thief, his wife and the canoe – 8.4 m (ITV): The quirky story of a man who fakes his death in a canoe to win a big insurance payout is number six for memorable acting and zippy dialogue.
  2. tourists – 8.4M (BBC One): Before he was led by Kenneth Branagh. Belfast, Jamie Dornan helped the Australian set amnesia’s wild ride. Flea bag Producer Harry and Jack Williams.
  3. Britain has talent8.2 m (ITV): David Williams scandals aside, the 15th season of ITV’s talent show dominated the entertainment ratings during the spring.
  4. Death in Paradise – 8.1 million (BBC One): TV’s hottest detective show is always around and Season 11 of Around and Carib Set Crime Caper was no exception.
  5. The Great British Bake Off – 8M (Channel 4): Channel 4’s only entry into the top 10 was a somewhat flat 13th season of the annual baking extravaganza, but it still delighted viewers.

Top World Cup Watch

Harry Kane

Charlotte Wilson/Offside/Offside via Getty Images

This year was definitely the year of the Winter World Cup and while our main list does not include the sport, we have to admit that the controversial tournament in Qatar did attract an audience. was at the top of the list. England’s heartbreaking 2-1 defeat by France on Saturday 10 December, which drew a peak of 21.3M on ITV1 making it the most-watched single broadcast of the year (the Queen’s funeral was seen on multiple channels). That matchup was just ahead of the previous round. England 3-0 Senegal, which sank just below the 20m peak. The final on 18 December came in third place, as was decided in a sensational penalty shoot-out. Argentina vs France hit a peak of 19.3M in its nearly two-and-a-half-hour runtime, which aired on both BBC One and ITV1.


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