Queen Camilla Invites Meghan Markle’s Enemies to Christmas Dinner –

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Meghan Markle is very quick to figure out what level her husband’s in-laws are after she and Prince Harry exposed some of the palace’s questionable media practices in their Netflix documentaries. Harry and Megan. This week, Queen Camilla hosted a Christmas dinner, which was attended by enemies of the Duchess of Sussex Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson. It’s surprising that Camille is okay with the treatment her family member has received over the years from these two men, but honestly, we’re not surprised she hangs out with them.


Morgan, who has made it his one and only trait to beat up Meghan every time he can, has been flaunting his invitation to a VIP gift bag lunch on social media. And then there is Clarkson, whose article in The sun was absolutely disgusting. Not only did he say that he hated Meghan “on a cellular level”, he also shared in disgust that he “dreams of the day when she will be forced to walk naked through the streets of every city in Britain while the crowd chant: ‘Shame! ‘ and throw clods of excrement at her.” Yes, he also hung out with Camilla and celebrated royal holidays.

TikTok account matta_of_fact, who breaks news of the royal family, had some strong words to say about this shocking turn of events. “This goes beyond the level of dislike for a public figure,” said account owner Amanda Matta. “It’s vile, it’s disgusting, it’s cruel and it’s another example of the uniquely disgusting behavior that Meghan induces in many, many Britons.” Matta believes that Clarkson’s absence “uninvited” at Camilla’s party “really tells us a lot” about where the royals are right now. The queen consort isn’t interested in saying something ‘unpleasant’ to Meghan’s face, instead she allows royal experts like Morgan and Clarkson to be ‘openly hostile’ towards her family member – and they’re rewarded with the opportunity to be friends with her.

Matta suggested that “the company you keep says a lot about how you feel inside.” Camilla doesn’t say these horrible things out loud about Meghan, but she does it in a very sly way – and the guest list speaks for itself.


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